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Our Policies
Pricing Policy
  It is our commitment to provide you with the best value, at the best price. We value your business and strive to keep our prices low, and SAVE you money!
Privacy Policy
  We value your privacy. The full text of our Privacy Policy is available here for you to read. However, most people don't want to read the whole technical "legal speak" version, so here's what we do in plain English. Account Holders: When you place an order and register with, the standard information necessary to process your order is collected and stored securely. This includes your name and address, billing and shipping information, phone number, email address and payment details. In addition we will store information such as which site referred you and the IP address of your computer. This information is used solely for the fulfillment of your orders and for internal statistical analysis. None of your personal information will ever be shared, given, or sold to any third party. Newsletter Subscribers: When you subscribe to our newsletter and offers, your email address, name, IP address, referring site, and time you sign up is collected. These details are held securely and never shared, given, or sold to any third party. If at any time you wish to be removed from the newsletter, simply use the instructions provided in the newsletter for prompt removal.
  Shopping at is safe and secure. This website is protected with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, the highest standard in Internet security. Whenever you enter personal information and payment information you can be assured that this information is securely transacted and safeguarded on secure servers.

For extra security we do not save your credit card information, but the option of placing your credit card details securely on file for future use is available for purchasers who feel more comfortable with internet shopping.

When completing the final steps of your order, simply verify that the small yellow "lock" icon appears in the lower right corner of your browser. This confirms that the page is secure. You will also notice that these checkout pages will have an "https://" instead of "http://" in the website address bar.