Holiday Gifts from Mrs. Mugs
Originally emailed on 11/29/09

Special In-Store Event and Jewelry Trunk Show

Personally Yours Bracelet

Event: Trunk show and special appearance by Liz
Save: Order a Personally Yours Bracelet for $89 (that's $10 off), and Liz will make it while you wait
Date: Saturday, December 5
Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Where: In-store at Mrs. Mugs

We're having an in-store trunk show on Saturday, December 5 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Select in-stock DBL designs will be offered at 20% off. Come and meet Liz, our talented designer from DBL. Order a Personally Yours Bracelet during the trunk show, and she will make it for you while you wait for only $89, regularly $99.

Zable Charms and Beads

Zable Bracelet

Zable beads continue to be the hottest item in our store. The beads slide right onto the starter bracelet so that anyone can easily create their own collection. With over 400 styles to choose from, no two bracelets are the same. Each bracelet tells a unique story.

Zable beads are compatible with other similar bracelets such as Pandora, Chamilla, Troll Beads and Biagi. With the holidays right around the corner, we suggest that you shop for your Zable jewelry early, as the company is having trouble keeping up with the demand for its charms.

Our Top Ten Holiday Gift Items Baggallini Around Town Bag

 2. Convertible Bracelets
 3. Safety Pin Watches 
 4. Porthole Bracelet
 5. Seasons of New England Bracelets
 6. Baggallini
 7. Handwarmer Mugs
 8. Life is Crap T-Shirts
 9. Red Sox Beaded Bracelet
10. Maggie Bags

No More Excuses
  • Do you know someone who's trying to change their lifestyle for the better?
  • Are you tired of making excuses?
  • Are you ready for your New Year's Resolution?
Give a gift to yourself or a loved one to start off 2010 with the inspiration you need to begin your journey.

NME, pronounced en-uh-mee, stands for No More Excuses. Excuses are the enemy. Let our custom made jewelry and garments inspire you to stop making excuses and to start your personal journey to achieve whatever goal is important to you.

We currently NME (No More Excuses) Bracelet feature a one-size-fits-all sterling silver and crystal NME Bracelet, with your choice of a variety of colors. Using memory wire, the bracelet fits almost all wrists. And of course, the NME Bracelet has been designed and handcrafted right here on Cape Cod.

Our line of NME T-shirts, available in three colors, has been an inspiration to accomplish many different things. The Tee is made from 100% pigment dyed cotton so it's super soft and comfy. Go on, put on your No More Excuses T-shirt and clean that closet, make that call you've been putting off, or, in my case, start to eat healthier. It's made a difference in my life and many others. Try it now. What's your excuse? NME T-Shirt Trio

We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday.