Thanks from Mrs. Mugs
Originally emailed on 10/05/09

Mrs. Mugs thanks all of our wonderful customers who made us the #1 gift shop on the A-List. We appreciate your positive comments and your support.

Zable Charms and Beads

Zable Bracelet

Zable beads continue to be the hottest item in our store. The beads slide right onto the starter bracelet so that anyone can easily create their own collection. With over 400 styles to choose from, no two bracelets are the same. Each bracelet tells a unique story.

Zable beads are compatible with other similar bracelets such as Pandora, Chamilla, Troll Beads and Biagi. With the holidays right around the corner, we suggest that you shop for your Zable jewelry early, as the company is having trouble keeping up with the demand for its charms.

Our Prediction for the Top Ten Holiday Gift Items

 1. Zable Bracelets and charms
 2. Convertible Bracelets Maggie Bag
 3. The In-Between Bracelets
 4. Seasons of New England Bracelets
 5. Magic Boxer Shorts
 6. Baggallini
 7. NME Products
 8. Life is Crap T-Shirts
 9. Red Sox Beaded Bracelet
10. Maggie Bags

  Maggie Bag

New Fall/Winter Crocs

Check out the new, updated fur-lined Crocs. They're easier to keep clean with linings that come out with a snap.

Crocs Blitzen PolarBlitzen Plaid

New England Seasons - Fall

Our most popular Seasons Bracelet is the fall one, featuring a white turquoise stone. See all four bracelets on our New England Seasons bracelet page.

Seasons of New England - Fall

We'll keep you posted as we receive new holiday items and stocking stuffers. Again, we thank all of you for voting us #1. It meant so much to us.