The First One
Originally emailed on 10/31/07

Welcome to our first newsletter. We want to thank everyone who has either ordered from our Web site, shopped at the store or signed up for our mailing list (or all three). You are all valued customers and we love serving you.

A Day Out
The other day, we decided to take a short hike down by the ocean. So, I slipped on my Crocs and slung my Baggallini Large Wallet Bag over my shoulder, and we drove to Salt Pond, part of the National Seashore.  Lori on the TrailIf you've never been to the National Seashore, you should make a point of visiting there on your next trip to the Cape. The beaches are beautiful, you can get up close to a lighthouse, and there are great clam shacks nearby. We decided to walk the 1-1/2 mile Nauset Marsh Trail.

Walking in Crocs is like walking on air. The way your feet feel when you first put them on will be how your feet feel 12 hours later.
Your feet will be happy all day. Take it from someone who has foot problems; I wouldn't wear anything else.

For all-around cool weather comfort, try the Mammoth Crocs, Mammoth Crocs which have an acrylic fur lining which can be removed and washed.

For a compact bag with tons of zippered pockets and storage, try Baggallini's Large Wallet Bag. Whenever I travel or go out for the day, I use this bag. If you prefer a backpack, their new Downtown Bagg is a stylish backpack with loads of pockets that converts to a sling bagg with the swap of a strap.
Swan on Salt Pond
While we were walking, we saw three graceful swans gliding in the Salt Pond. They reminded me of the story behind our Cape Cod Towns Bracelet. This bracelet comes in 15 different colors, one for each of the 15 Cape Cod Towns. Because of all the swans in our ponds, we added a sterling silver swan charm to the bracelet. It's a double bracelet, because swans mate for life. 

Bracelets, Bracelets and More Bracelets
Customers continue to flock to the store to see our selection of bracelets. Topping the list is the Cranberry Bracelet and the exclusive Soft Cape Cod Bracelet.
Soft Cape Cod Bracelet
Cranberry Bracelet

Stretch Rings
Also be sure to check out our selection of Stretch Rings, featuring sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. Whenever I travel, I wear my stretch rings instead of expensive gold jewelry. They look great and they're versatile, as they'll fit on almost any of my fingers.

Upcoming Jewelry Show
We will be traveling to New York to attend a special holiday jewelry show. If we find anything special - and we almost always do - we'll post it on our Web site. Stay tuned.
  Stretch Rings
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