Mrs. Mugs
A whimsical gift shop for all ages.

Mrs. Mugs
A whimsical gift shop for all ages.

The Early Days

Before there was a Mrs. Mugs, before there were display cases stocked with shiny silver tins and glass jars filled with thick dips and juicy preserves, before shelves were lined with row after row of mugs, there was a mother. Her child was in the hospital, and many concerned nurses, technicians and doctors helped her family. The mother wanted to thank some of these caring people by giving them each an appropriate mug filled with goodies.
She searched. She traveled from store to store, only to find two or three mugs here, three or four mugs there. She became discouraged, but she pressed on, searching for the perfect mug.
On an otherwise ordinary Friday morning, nothing unusual about this day, during the hour's drive to Cape Cod, she remarked, "I know what I want to do."
"What?" the future Mr. Mugs asked, uncertainly.
"I want to open a store. I want to sell mugs, and I want to call it Mrs. Mugs."*
Just like that, the mother was to become known as Mrs. Mugs.

A Dream on Hold

Several years passed. Slowly, the idea was being transformed from a vague, shapeless dream into a concrete, exciting possibility. Mugs were no longer the only product contemplated. There would be specialty coffees, teas and cocoas, as well as unique gourmet foods and elegant collectible teapots and whimsical jewelry.
But the burden of family responsibilities kept Mrs. Mugs a distant destination, fun to fantasize about, but with little hope of becoming reality.

Moving On

A transformation was approaching, or more befitting Mrs. Mugs, change was brewing. Time to make a fresh start. Moves to North Carolina and Oregon were discussed but ruled out. Summertime Cape Cod childhood memories were recalled with fondness. Cape Cod, close to family, but far enough to feel the warmth of regeneration. Sandwich would be our new home.

The Lease

Another year passed, time to allow the routines of family life in a new setting to become established. Time to begin seriously working to make the dream of Mrs. Mugs a reality. Store sites were reviewed, evaluated, rejected. Finally, a break through. A small space, tiny actually, became available on Route 6A, close to home. Excited, nervous, we paced the site, imagining the possibilities. Lease in hand, the search for unusual products began.

The Move

We outgrew this space within two years. The search was once again on for a new site, this one with more space. After months of intense negotiations, we bought a former ice cream shop, directly across the street from our original location. After six months of renovations, we were ready to move in. We found our permanent home.

The Commitment
Overriding all else at Mrs. Mugs is the goal of providing the highest quality products with service that is unmatched anywhere.

* When asked how she came up with the name, Mrs. Mugs would later reply, "I don't know. I never really thought about it. The name just came to me."

The Address

680 Route 6A
E. Sandwich, MA 02537